… This is Kid Noize’s motto, both author and protagonist of a fantastic story between two dimensions. His singular universe invades the comics with a crazy second album, co-written with Lapuss’ and drawn by Otocto.


Le Pouvoir des Rêves

Bd Kid Noize - Tome 2 - Le pouvoir des rêves

A monkey-faced man named Kid Noize who has a 1977 Mustang, a talking dog, and dreams of being a famous DJ, travels between worlds to deliver mysterious packages to people.

Unfortunately, he has lost the package of his next recipient, a young boy named Sam who is having a hard time in life, grieving the loss of his mother while trying to adapt to a tough new town and school.

Neither Sam nor Kid Noize has any idea what awaits them as they join forces to find the package that will help shape Sam’s destiny…

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The Man with a Monkey Face

After the death of his mother and a move, Sam goes through a difficult time and experiences a powerful malaise that his father and sister are unable to relieve.

His meeting with a Man with a Monkey Face, driving a ’77 Mustang, will change his destiny. Who is this strange character signing his tags with the pseudonym “Kid Noize”?

Out of another dimension, he is there to give him a package. A package that holds the key to Sam’s future …

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Get a deep breath and get a bit more into Kid Noize’s world
Nowera is a spin of serie of the original.

The first season will feature 24 episodes.