DJ SET • Summer Festival – Marseille (FR)


Time: June 29, 2019 17:00-02:00

Location: Quai de La Joliette, 13003 Marseille

Event Type: Dj Set

Organized By: Lovin Production

About Tour

Lovin Production presents the 2019 ⭐ Summer Festival – Galaxie edition! ⭐

The Summer Festival is:

▪ A unique employment forum from 10h to 16h.
▪ An exceptional show from 17h to 02h, bringing together 30,000 people in an emblematic place in the city of Marseille.

This year, the Summer Festival is determined to conquer space and shake the entire galaxy!

🚀 Reserve your flight aboard the SF19 shuttle now and join us for this unforgettable trip! 🚀

🌙 Objective of the mission: To burst on the sounds of the best djs in the world and enjoy all the cosmic animations planned for the event! 🌕

⭐Line-up 2019 ⭐: in preparation…

🎫 Ticketing :
– Retail Ticket Shop: From 30 euros
– VIP ticketing: From 75 euros

Very soon the cosmonauts!
And in the meantime … 🌏 Towards the 2019 Summer Festival and beyond! 🚀